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There is no single right or wrong way to approach dating. Just like with fashion it’s best to not always follow trends when we are navigating the dating landscape.Ultimately the books and guides that others write are their interpretation and ultimately are designed in such a way as to capture our attention and purchase the thing. It’s important for us each to know what works for us and what doesn’t so that we can stay true to our standards and boundaries.Dating is supposed to be fun and frankly we need to get back to that revelry!It’s time to get rid of destination obsession and just get to know one another without the heaviness of “where is this going” and other questions that often times are symptomatic of putting the cart before the horse.Is it really any wonder why so many struggle to find their footing in the dating world?

If we talk ourselves down or walk around feeling and believing we are unlovable we will attract those who affirm that externally.

If they are truly that intimidated by the gift of another’s interest do we really want them in our life?

Let’s just be us and let them be them…ultimately it’s the only way to get a feel for who people really are behind their mask.

Everything, however, will be much simpler and efficient if everyone would just be straight up about how they feel.

Let’s stop worrying about whether our honesty will scare them off.


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