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"If there's somebody I meet that I really want to connect with, I try to create a moment that's memorable and that can serve as tradition." This can mean sharing a special toast or asking a question that will elicit a unique response.For example, Levy met a Tinder exec recently and asked her about the first thing most people ask her. Most people just aren't interesting in the way they communicate, Levy says.

And if they don't respond, he'll try again with their assistant looped in. Don't feel slighted if you have to go through an assistant even after you've met someone.

If you're able to get access to their number, give them a call before their day becomes too hectic.

There are databases like Who Represents that you can subscribe to that include the contact information of high-demand people and their gatekeepers.

You can begin to think about, 'OK, what is something different that I could provide this person that would make it worth their time to speak with me or meet with me? On that note, you should be thinking of how you can add value to a potential connection without expecting anything in return, at least immediately.

Levy is a proponent of Wharton professor, bestselling author, and Influencers member Adam Grant's theory on "givers," those who seek out opportunities to help people they respect and appreciate.


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