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The backdoor Some college or high school entrance exams still ask for your child's class ranking.

I deliberately put this as the last option because it involves transacting with the Dep Ed, and one thing I've learned in all my years as a public school teacher, then later as a homeschool teacher, is that you never want to transact with the Dep Ed.Incidentally, the PVT is taken not only by homeschoolers but also by children who go to regular private schools that have not been accredited by any of the Philippine's school accrediting bodies such as the PAASCU.In order to be able to take the PVT, you need to keep records of your child's work: answered textbooks, scrapbooks, journals, work portfolio, etc. The key is "the more, the better." Dep Ed needs to be sure that you did educate your child all those years.The Alternative Learning System There are Filipino moms who do not believe in subscribing to a curriculum.Instead, we let our children learn life skills -- such as basic literacy, financial literacy, and vocational work -- through actual practice.For example, according to their website, Assumption College San Lorenzo requires home study and homeschooled applicants to take the Dep Ed validating test or PVT.


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