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In addition, Kazakh Telecom retains dominance over the telecommunications market, making it difficult for other operators to it attempts to maintain its dominance in the fixed-line market.Kazakh Telecom’s tariffs for unlimited ADSL access with capacity of 128 kbit/s were USD 30.However, as a result of the ongoing liberalization in the telecommunications sector in 2007, the operators’ tariffs fell considerably.

The Inter-Departmental Commission is charged with coordinating and developing the national information infrastructure.

Kazakh Telecom Liberalization of the telecommunications market in 2004 increased competition among the five licensed operators: Kazakh Telecom (the former state monopoly, now with 51 percent state participation), Transtelecom, Kaztranscom, Arna (DUCAT), and Astel.

The first-tier ISPs with international Internet connections and their own infrastructure are Kazakh Telecom, Nursat, Transtelecom, Kaztranscom, Arna, Astel, and TNS Plus.

The Security Council (SC), a body chaired by the president, is responsible for drafting decisions and providing assistance to the head of state on issues of defense and national security.

The SC also prepares a list of Web sites every six months that should be blocked or forbidden from distribution.


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