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Whatever they were, I did not make much use of them at first.

And what I found were two You Tube videos of two young women - they were teenagers. And one of the women-one of the young women; I mean, these were teenagers-just the way that she delivered it with this attitude; it just made me realize that who I am as a writer-who I am for them, is what Ntozake Shange was for me. The response from the younger generation is really incredible because they relate to it so well.Mariposa, born Maria Teresa Fernández in 1971, is an Afro-Puerto Rican poet who was born and raised in the Bronx, New York.She gained popularity within the Puerto Rican and Latino communities for her spoken word performances and published poems.Comments and questions should be directed to Dick Estel.And because Dick can never just let well enough alone, it's possible there will be more revisions and expansions in the future, so come back and re-read it every year!At first we walked along the road, not a very dangerous activity in those days of minimal traffic, and much of the way there was a well-worn trail on the bank above the road.


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