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Her early passion for reading and writing was encouraged by two of her English teachers, and developed by the poet-artist Adrian Henri (one of a trio of Liverpool poets whose work was famously anthologised as ‘The Mersey Sound’ in 1967), with whom she lived from the age of 16 until 1982.She went to the University of Liverpool, and obtained a degree in Philosophy in 1977.They subsequently had four sons, and moved when Carol Ann was six to Stafford, where her father worked for English Electric and managed Stafford Rangers Football Club in his spare time.Duffy attended Roman Catholic primary and middle schools, and then Stafford Girls’ High.Her very productive writing life included plays, editing anthologies, poetry for children, and her last collection for Anvil, the immensely popular (1999).Duffy’s readings often feature a set of these dramatic monologues, which are particularly effective in performance: ‘Mrs Midas’, ‘Mrs Faust’, ‘Mrs Tiresias’, and the comic ‘Mrs Aesop’ and ‘Mrs Darwin’.Duffy has been quoted as saying that she is ‘not interested, as a poet, in words like “plash” – Seamus Heaney words, interesting words.I like to use simple words, but in a complicated way’; and in the same profile, ‘Childhood is like a long greenhouse where everything is growing, it's lush and steamy. If love, as Padel suggests, has always been at the centre of her poetry, this is not only romantic and sexual, it is also both daughterly and intensely maternal.

Her laureateship has been marked by her generous creation of opportunities for other poets: getting many poets to write for notable occasions such as the wedding of Prince William and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; gathering them for readings in London and Edinburgh to raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2009; and donating her Laureate payment as a Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.She moved to Picador with her volume It was not only such awards that made her well-known, but her public performances, as the opportunities provided by literary festivals and poetry readings grew exponentially in the 21st century.Along with other poets of her generation, her work has been set for examinations in schools throughout Britain, and a group of these poets have regularly read their poems to huge audiences of GCSE students as part of the ‘Poetry Live’ sessions that are now a feature of the school year in England and Wales.Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine's editor-in-chief, and Bruce Bozzi Jr., the executive vice president of the Palm Restaurant Group, arrive to the private ceremony on September 27.The wedding was marked with a star-studded bash at the Aman Canal Grande Venice resort, housed in the 16th-century Palazzo Papadopoli. But a notice from the city authorities said that because of George Clooney's marriage the city hall area will be closed on Monday from 12 p.m to 2 p.m.local or later if necessary -- presumably for a civil ceremony.


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