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Rambin's (character's) new love interest is quite a step up: he's the savior of humanity, John Connor, "the boy who will one day lead an army of puny humans against sentient bloodthirsty robots." The teen soap star (and little sis of lifestreamer/dating columnist Julia Allison's BFF Mary) has moved to L. "When the wonderful, amazing, breathtaking, creative, eccentric [artist] Mr. Jailbait actresses who refer to themselves as "Levlita," even in jest. What a hilarious idea, kind of like the hunter becoming the hunted!

Maybe it's swelled her head: a tipster brought it to our attention that she's become a fan of guest-blogging on LOLA! The show makes up stories and tries to get tabloids to print them.

It's difficult to find a photo of Leven and Alexander together; usually she's photographed with Dayo Okeniyi and Jackie Emerson, whereas you see him alongside Jennifer Lawrence and other male tributes.

There's another possible reason that this is — or was — a genuine showmance, the fact that we hardly ever see the two together.

The actor was recently asked about it again, and clarified: Tags: drink blood, eat blood, health, Hoyt Fortenberry, Jim Parrack, Jim Parrack photos, Leven Rambin, suck blood, tacky and true, True Blood, wacky Well, this was fast!bash in January as well, we're thinking this whole posse is fully taking advantage of their newfound fame. Especially since Leven's rep slammed reports the makeout sesh went down while Lev was still dating ex-BF Geoff Clark:"Leven and Geoff were engaged in December 2010 and they broke off the engagement in November 2011," he explained. The Lone Star State native took to Instagram to share the special day with his many fans. Photos of the the indie biopic have been trickling out for a few days now, but another set from the new Sundance movie have just been released, and we're pretty pumped to see where these pics lead." reports the fickle Rambin, who previously had an affair with Julia Allison's geeky boyfriend, has already moved on.At a party on Saturday night at the Spotted Pig, the "possessed" 17-year-old was spotted making out with hat-wearing music producer, Mark Ronson.Regardless of any other commitments, Leven still snuggles up to Alexander, tucking her arms under his shirt in another intimate gesture.


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