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His youth and inexperience with police work also proved to be a challenge for him, while his psychoanalysis of Booth and Brennan was typically quite accurate.Sweets was a caring character who was well-liked, although his personality could be a contrast to the scientific, analytical personalities of the squints.-- The Hot Dog in the Competition Although Booth grew to accept his ability and expertise at psychology throughout the show and begins to ask for his advice during interrogations. She calls psychology a soft science and thinks it has no credence comparing it to "telling stories at a campfire." Despite her personal views of psychology, both Booth and Brennan came to respect his ability on some level when it comes to finding killers.-- The Beaver in the Otter Despite his aptitude for behavioral analysis, he believed for a time all the members of the team hated him and found him annoying due to their behavior toward him.His youth (according to Angela, Sweets is often required to show his ID at bars to drink, and he states that he is twenty-two years old in his first appearance) and inexperience with police work also prove to be a challenge for him in the series, as many don't take him seriously (especially Booth), although his psychological analysis of Booth and Brennan was typically quite accurate.

In "The Skull in the Sculpture" an annoyed Sweets demands of Cam "Why do you people never make an appointment?!

This is a reference to Daley playing piano in real life.

Sweets was also a former master at chess, as shown in season 9.

Lance Sweets was brought into the series in the fourth episode of season three ("The Secret in the Soil") as a psychologist to Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan.

His presence provided a bit of comic relief, as he was often the target of insults from both Booth and Brennan.


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