Playstation 3 updating problems

We recently published an article based on the best gaming routers for Xbox One.That seemed to go down well, but it’s not fair on the Playstation 4 owners out there among you, so it’s definitely about time we rounded up the best wireless routers for PS4.When they do, you can chuck the PS4 on one of the 5GHz bands. It’s not guaranteed, but the difference can be phenomenal.For the time being, it has to remain on 2.4GHz, and one of the problems with that are that a lot of legacy Wi-Fi devices are also 2.4GHz only, so they have to share the same band. Make sure you have at least a dual core CPU for gaming. You could spend hundreds of bucks on a top-of-the-range router, but if your connection to the Internet is crap, then all your hard-earned money is flushed down the drain. This is especially the case if you are using a router provided by your ISP.Not just for gaming, but for all your home networking needs.I’m guessing you guys download and stream…maybe even from your local NAS box? We love Netgear, and the Nighthawk series of routers have been a giant success for Netgear… Not only does it still look badass, it has features aplenty for you to tweak to your gaming needs.

Your router does this (if supported) by taking traffic bound for specific ports and forwarding it to you internal LAN IP (this is what your PS4 will have).

Each adapter should plug in close to source and destination devices.

Then use your node’s Ethernet ports to connect to the Powerline plugs.

It may not be so important if you are the only one on the network. The lower they are the better your games experience will be. You can even pull your trigger before your opponent in real-time, but if they have lower ping & jitter, they can potentially frag you! Research the best ISP’s for gaming for your area and if you can. These are often not the best quality – not always, but often.

But if you share your Internet, and you are implementing all these wonderful features, your router needs to have some power to deal with all the multi-tasking. This is especially true with FPS (First Person Shooters). DD-WRT is open source firmware that can be ‘flashed’ onto your router. There isn’t a problem with this in itself, but oftentimes, the router manufacturer doesn’t offer options for you to tweak in super-fine details to get your router set up to exactly the way you want it. If your router supports it, you can switch your firmware to DD-WRT (there are alternatives, like Tomato & Open WRT) A DD-WRT flashed router will definitely help with Quality of Service (especially for the routers with limited Qo S options). However, it can be overwhelming for the less experienced out there.


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