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Vodafone says it has recruited 600 customer service advisers in six months – 400 of them UK-based – and has invested millions of pounds in further training.

It says it always aims to resolve complaints effectively 'first time'. If your signal or internet connection fails repeatedly, or if a handset does not work, keep a log of what happens and when. You must give Vodafone eight weeks to solve an issue.

It took hours of phone calls to rectify basic problems.

She says: 'I hope the calls have been recorded because each and every one of the advisers I spoke to made promises they didn't deliver.

I wonder if this is the way they are trained – to reassure the customer but actually not to do anything.'She says: 'I have wasted hours on the phone.

Many have been told their complaint would be 'escalated' to a manager, who was too busy to speak, but would call them back. Some bizarre phrases have been used in speaking to customers – including for a simple request to be ‘re-pushed’, that a refund became ‘stuck’ and the popular promise for complaints to be ‘escalated’.

If you have a preferred safe place you would like us to use, please click here and we will message the courier with your preferred safe place.

We will make our best endeavours to ensure these instructions are followed with your delivery.

You must give Vodafone a chance to repair the phone but if problems recur you will need evidence to fall back on if you want to exit a contract penalty-free. But if the company says no agreement can be reached it may give you a deadlock letter earlier. It will weigh up the evidence and decide an outcome it deems fair to both sides. If you disagree with its verdict you can still make a court claim. your complaint to the communications watchdog Ofcom.

It cannot help with individual queries but relies on the public to decide whether a firm is unfair to its customers.


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