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It was the last thing I wrote for the record, and it always gets that same response, where people just stop breathing for a second; it’s that big. I just continued on my way, and once in a while you go number one on the radio or you sell a huge amount. I don’t have to come up with it seven days a week and never turn it off. It’s the best mix I’ve ever heard of anything I ever did, and he did it all by himself. We had a lot of hits, so it wasn’t my first shot at being in the Top 20, but it was certainly my first number one, and I don’t think anybody can prepare you for that. I just stepped backwards, out of the limelight for a little bit, and made a record I wanted to make. My favorite version, I guess, is me and Alison Krauss. Mike Shipley, who passed away last week, unfortunately, mixed that.In this interview, John Waite discusses his collaboration with Keri Kelli and their dynamic new album , glories of the past, meeting famous people such as President Clinton and Ringo Starr, and other vast and revealing topics of interest. He’d always been used to playing with a second guitar player in the band – with Alice Cooper he had Damon Johnson and with Slash’s Snake Pit he had Slash – so it’s sort of throwing somebody into the deep end as being the only guitar player in the band. But as soon as he got it – and you could tell almost the night he got it – he took the basics and improvised – and we all started looking at each other and the set seemed to be getting shorter and shorter because it was going by faster, because we were having such a great time!And now, Highwire Daze is pleased to present our conversation with the amazing Mr. So I decided it’s now or never – I’d like to get that on tape, no matter what I use it for – whether it’s give to the radio, give it as a free track to some charity or whatever it would be – or get it just for me.I’ve got cupboards full of CDs that I don’t know what to do with them.LT80s: Outside of music, what are your other interests? I was just saying to somebody the other day that I picked up a volume of Walt Whitman last week, and he just blew my head off of my shoulders.

LT80s: In it, Nina Blackwood describes you as a romantic figure, and I’m quoting her here. But we really had a great relationship, and I still bump into her here and there, and we’ll e-mail each other. LT80s: I think a lot of people obviously associate you with your 1984 number one hit, . It took ten minutes to write it, and maybe that’s why. I thought you had written it about my own heartache.

We had a gig in three week in Detroit; it was this big opener gig.

And we started recording dates – we did some Philly, we did some in the state of New York, we did New Hampshire – and from basically two shows we got the whole thing.

If not, it won’t, I don’t get sick of singing it – it’s a beautiful song and it touches the audience so deeply. We’re only forgotten to play it twice I think in the last five years where somebody wrote out the set list wrong and we left it out. And it seems to be such a gigantic song in my career, that it has overshadowed quite a lot of what I’ve done since.

If you’re lucky enough to write one of those in your life, then to complain about it would be the mark of an idiot.


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