Aedating v3

The FM APPROVED mark is authorized by FM Approvals as a certification mark for any product that has been FM Approved.

TIF JPEG EPS When reproduction of the FM Approved mark is impossible, these modified versions may be used.

Now lets assume we have found a vulnerable website Now once you have battled around this one, you might want to learn what to code inside the script.

You may get a custom coded infamous C99 script (too bloaty but highly effective once deployed) or you might code yourself a new one. Here we go The above code allows you to exploit include function and tests if the site if RFI (XSS) vulnerable by running the alert box code and if successful, you can send custom commands to the linux server in bash.

GFI Lan Guard patches Microsoft ®, Mac® OS X®, Linux® and more than 60 third-party applications, and deploys both security and non-security patches.

RFI is a common vulnerability and trust me all website hacking is not exactly about SQL injection.

Using RFI you can literally deface the websites, get access to the server and do almost anything.

TIF JPEG EPS Note: FM Approvals’ certification marks should never be used in any manner that could suggest or imply FM Approvals’ endorsement of a specific manufacturer or distributor.

Nor should it be implied that Approval extends to a product or service not covered by written agreement with FM Approvals.


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