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Julien, 1 —refused to comment on her relationship when approached by Radar.

As Radar has reported, the rehabbed reality star is currently fighting for sole custody of her two kids with Ravenel.

Dennis even claimed that Ravenel “has had a romantic relationship” with the girl and “has encouraged the underage drinking of the nanny’s daughter [redacted] in front of the children!

” The nanny — who takes care of Kensington, 3, and St.

In the explosive court documents, she also accused him of “alienating” her from the children and abusing mushrooms and alcohol in front of their babies. Oh my God, I can’t do this now.’ She was one-third my age!

READ THE DOCUMENTS HERE Radar previously reported that the former politician is looking for love — and even dated an 18-year-old along the age. ” “I need to constantly put myself in a position to meet the right kind of woman,” he added.

Plunging out of the helicopter, the comedienne let out an ear-piercing scream - before shrieking: 'I can't open my eyes but I'm sure it's beautiful.'After the jump she explained: 'My biggest fear is heights.

If I'm flying a kite, I can't look up at the kite,' as she set off the green flare as instructed by Stanley.

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That is just my opinion and my source gave no indication that will happen. Numerous Southern Charm people have been deposed this week. The nature of those depositions are about Kathryn’s behavior while pregnant with the children in social settings.

I spent pretty much all of yesterday reaching out to sources who had not heard anything.

Finally today, I got a little bit about what went down.

Thomas apparently read that deposition yesterday and he lashed out on Twitter with the tweet posted below.

It has since been removed but a reader here sent it to me right after it was posted. It seems that part of the problem with Kathryn seeing her kids is that she is not living in a permanent situation.


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