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I am also told that a second daughter, Alexandra, is contemplating further legal action.

She has hired a lawyer to look into questioning the last will and testament, which was written just five months before his death last September.

She has ‘absolute discretion’ over the money, specifically including all of his property portfolio — including homes in Hollywood, Nevada and Hawaii — which she can sell should she want to.‘Everything the children should have, Jill has,’ says Christine Kaufmann, the German starlet who was Curtis’s second wife and mother of daughters Alexandra and Allegra.

‘I do believe that deep down inside he was a nice Jewish father, and you know that nice Jewish fathers do not disinherit their children,’ Christine told me last week.

Mc Griff was a notorious drug trafficker, with his own crack distributing organisation.

According to Billboard, The 41-year-old spent 13 days in hospital recovering after the shooting, eventually returning home to his girlfriend and son.

Now, six months after his death, this assessment comes into sharp focus as it emerges that Curtis, star of film classics such as Some Like It Hot and Spartacus, has not left any of his children a solitary cent of his fortune — estimated by some to be worth as much as million (around £37 million).

In fact, the fallout over his will has been such that I can reveal that his eldest child, Kelly, has taken legal action to challenge it — although this has so far failed.

I got to learn about the dark side of the spotlight,’ she said.

Ben’s mother Leslie, Curtis’s third wife, says that he ‘loved his father very much’ but found it a ‘poignant and difficult time’ because of the death of his brother, Nicholas, who succumbed to a heroin overdose in 1994.

Meanwhile Allegra, the black sheep among the children, who posed for Playboy in her youth, has recently written a book describing her father as a drug-addicted ‘demon’, and bemoaning the fact that he never gave her a chance to be his daughter.

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To his millions of fans he was the last of the great matinee idols, the most handsome of all Hollywood stars and a man whose incredible sexual career encompassed a fling with Marilyn Monroe and a period of taking showgirls ‘two a day’ like vitamin pills.


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