Tokyo speeddating

Where: around Tokyo Admission: free Lastly, no guide to events in March would be complete without Japan’s famous cherry blossom festivals.

This year, the forecasted blooming date for cherry blossoms in Tokyo is March 25th.

So far, so normal for a dating event – except this is no conventional gathering.

For 32-year-old Miss Mori is a Buddhist nun in search of a perfect husband, with a telltale black gown draped over her blouse and a red prayer book by her bag.

Marriages have hit a record post-war low, with only 653,740 tying the knot last year, according to recent government figures, while average marrying ages have increased to 31 for men and 29 for women.

• Rise of Japan's middle-aged virgins Rising childcare costs and economic instability combined with a decline in the number of young women have contributed to a falling fertility rate (dropping to a figure of 1.4 babies over the lifetime of the average woman, well below the "rate of replacement".) As a result, the government and private companies are investing in initiatives such as matchmaking parties to encourage younger generations to marry and have babies.

This month, we’ve got a traditional festival, an event for foodies, an “imported” festival, an event for anime lovers and, of course, cherry blossoms on our list.

Where: Takaosan Yakuoin Temple (access: Takaosanguchi Station)Time: 1 pm-5 pm Admission: free Come join this yearly fire-walking ritual at Mount Takao, during which barefooted monks chant sutras and prayers for good health and other blessings while walking atop smoldering embers.

This isn’t a women-only event, by the way, men are welcome too!And if those still aren’t enough, we also have a guide to sakura-themed products! Young people brought up in the digital era find face-to-face encounters daunting in ultra-polite Japan, while long work hours add still another hurdle.With brilliant views along the Ouse, it's the ideal location to enjoy a drink al fresco overlooking the river.We have exclusive use of the upstairs bar area for our events.Spring is coming soon, so what better way to welcome the season than to go out and have some fun?


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