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As you gain a level of trust and comfort with others in the group, it feels effortless to share information about where you live, work, and went to school.

Passing comments can tell other group members where you are.

Do you ever wonder why some people never seem to have no trouble with others in online groups and others seem to get drawn into every feud and squabble? Many of the same issues that cause people to be bullied in person, cause the same people to be vulnerable for people who are new to online social networks and don't quite have the knack of cyber communication down to a science yet.

There's a lot of empowerment in making 'ignore' and "delete" your favorite strategies.

Instead, they'll go after people who seem lonely, isolated, and who need attention. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. One guy remarked about all the bragging and cursing that goes on in his chat room for sports cars enthusiasts.Even a simple comment like mentioning the school that your children go to can lead a stalker to your home.Source: Have you shared any photos online in a chat room?How can you know the identity and motive of those who hang around today's chat rooms?


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