Dating when to call after first date

And if so, there is no point in playing the waiting game and by all means you should call her up the following day – or the next at the latest – and tell her how much you enjoyed the date.

If on the other hand the first date did not go as well as you had hoped it would, you can allow some time to elapse before making the call, say for instance four to five days.

If you sincerely believe that you both would enjoy getting to know each other better, then there is no harm in giving yourselves another chance.

When two people are going out for the first time as partners, there is a great deal of pressure to look their best, be a successful conversationalist and a charming partner, all rolled in one.

This will let your companion get over the experience and offer some perspective.

If you call too soon after a bad first date, there is greater chance of her reactions being colored by the previous far-from-happy experience.

Also she may wonder if the guy is dating others so that even after she gathers courage and makes the call, she may be greeted by a female voice saying, “Just a sec, I’ll get him”; this is disconcerting to say the least, if not downright heartbreaking.

Men on the other hand may put off calling, since the person who initiates the call after a first date is assumed to be the one taking charge of the course of the ‘relationship’.


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