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The period of combat known as the Continuation War, 1941 to 1944, during which German forces fought alongside the Finnish army, exacted a much heavier toll on Finland and Russia than the Winter War had.

Moreover, during the Continuation War, Finnish forces even advanced into Russian territory with the intention of annexing Eastern Karelia, a region which had never belonged to Finland.

He is to be given a passport and allowed to visit the places that he desires, and in addition he is to be protected. On the 27th day of the fourth month of the 32nd year of the reign of (Emperor) Guangxu (1906).”You could add courteous manners to the list of Mannerheim’s merits.This was not the first time that the stately representative of Finland’s Swedish-speaking aristocracy had been supreme commander in a war against Russia.The War of Liberation in 1918 – later also called the Civil War – had been fought against Soviet Russia and against its allies, the Finnish “Reds.” And the Winter War was not the last war Mannerheim fought against Russia, either.After the revolution he became a champion of the White Finnish cause.His loyalty towards his native land was now total and he always respected its democratic institutions even though he was hardly a true democrat by conviction.The commander-in-chief with his generals and staff at the Rajajoki (Border River) in August 1941, observing Leningrad and the fortress of Kronstadt.


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