Ancient footprints of acahualinca radiocarbon dating

Scores of smaller earthquakes were also detected at a seismometer in Apoyeque's crater.

Faint sulfurous odors were noted as well as some active fumaroles. ense de Estudios Territoriales) in a 23 September 2007 report.

Apoyeque remains in repose without documented historical eruptions.

Tephrochronology (the study of ash layers, in this case including radiometric dating) indicates the most recent eruption here was large and took place about 50 BC (? That tephra deposit has an estimated 4 km Within the last five years, Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales (INETER) reported at least two seismic swarms at Apoyeque, and between the Chiltepe Peninsula and the city of Managua (~15 km SE) (figure 1).

The Apoyeque volcanic complex occupies the broad Chiltepe Peninsula, which extends into south-central Lake Managua.

The peninsula is part of the Chiltepe pyroclastic shield volcano, one of three large ignimbrite shields on the Nicaraguan volcanic front.


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