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RRI received your book last week and want to thank you for a job well done on writing this book. I would love to visit you but I live in West Virginia. I am 51, disabled, blood clot in my leg, and two major back operations in the last two years. Regular colon hydrotherapy has been beneficial to me so I wanted others to hear my story: Back in the late 50s, I was visiting an aunt in Los Angeles who was a client of a colon therapist. She decided to return to nursing so I found a new therapist. I hope I can get some guidance tonight on detox for lead fumes.

I started getting more information on your website about coffee enemas. I love your book, website, and would love to visit your place some time. I know a lot of people are embarrassed when they have bowel troubles so they don't talk to any one about it. Talk about your problems with at least Dee Dee or Kristina. A bit of surfing led me to your site and really opened my eyes.

I hope to talk to you some time on the phone; would be helpful for me, I think. I've learned a great deal from your site and your downloadable videos.

We’re well rested and chatted about giant telescopes, the end of Soylent flatulence, and tiny, tiny “computers”.

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