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I took time to read the weighty tome, and one line particularly caught my eye: If we want to change consumers behaviours, we need to change how we behave as a category.

As regular readers will know I have for decades supported the funding of carefully thought out generic dairy campaigns to promote and defend our products, and for us all to be seen to be proud of what we produce.

That boat has sailed, with some purchasers having accurately read the market while others appear to be reactionary and leader-followers. ) increase prices for November, December and possibly even January the followers have little option but to say we cant recover any extra money, so we cant continue to increase farm gate prices.

At the same time, they will waiting like vultures for the first opportunity (or excuse) to cut farm gate milk prices.

Since its launch in 2007 I calculate the TSDG cost to Tesco taking its TSDG price compared it to the average Dairy Co price (which actually includes the TSDG price) indicates Tescos financial investment in terms of the additional money paid to farmers is 300 million , with minimal benefit to Tesco.

QVIS basically drives efficiency and is a scoring mechanism, which indicates whether a farm is operating to a satisfactory standard as per the retailers Code of Practice.

Those scoring in the top 5% have been allocated an extra 100,000 litres with the remaining literage to be allocated to a waiting list of new TSDG suppliers including young and/or new entrants.

For others, it has come as a big shock that they are relatively poor performers, some of whom were high profile and almost sitting with their feet up.With 81% saying the most important thing to them is that food is tasty, you can see why this campaign has a heavy focus on taste and connecting the consumer with the enjoyment associated with eating dairy and having it as part of their lives.Its time to kill the anti-dairy myth and to stand up and trumpet the industrys dairy promise with the help of some endorsements and medical experts.Out of 7.2 million dairy postings/conversations there were 172,000 vegan and dairy free threads, 14,200 lactose intolerance and 2,700 dairy alterative threads.Turning to other concerns, over half of respondents worry about nutrition when buying or eating dairy products with 58% having health concerns over dairy.But its up to all of us to get behind it, and give it a good go.


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