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Unfortunately, the movie gained lots of attention because of Fukada Kyoko as Doronjo more than because of Sakurai. Mukai Osamu Although Mukai fell from Number 1 spot since last year, he is still hugely popular for his model looks and his cooking skills.He is familiar among anime fas for his live action roles as Joji in , you are definitely a household name in Japan. Fukuyama Masaharu Fukuyama came in second last year but could not save the spot due to growing Arashi popularity.Hmm, I don’t have any acquaintances who are born in the year of the Tiger… Each time Aiba-kun goes to different locales to film Shimura Doubutsuen, he’ll buy T-shirts with tiger prints on them for me. When the two of us go shopping together, we look for things that look good on each other, and when we can’t make up our mind, we think together “Which one is better?So I now have 3 to 4 shirts with tiger prints on them at home. (laughs)From the start, Aiba-chan is like “the sun”. ” In other words, it’s like a couple having a fashion shopping date! Also, if I really went, I'd like to try going to places that they don't have guide books for. Actually, it's more like maybe I might not be able to hold out until the confession. In middle school and high school, the home economics teacher liked to go on trips. So, I became really interested in going on trips alone.I tried to choose photos that are friendly to Crunchyroll News readers. Not only he is handsome, but he also appears on a news program to show his intelligent side.But for anime fans, he maybe recognized as Gan-chan / Yatterman-1 from Live Action movie in 2009.

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I'm so conservative, it's like "I do not cross while I'm tapping on the stone bridge." [T/N: I’m not sure, but I think it has the meaning of being overly cautious? First round, the rubber band snap tournament starts!!I'm sorry for those who were lucky enough to get the front seats, but I can't look at the close ones, no matter what...But, if it's for a drama, then it's perfectly fine.Ohno also starred in the live action adaptation of Fujiko Fujio's classic, aired in 2009 in Japan.Keeping the same spot as last year, Matsuzaka is still grabbing the heart of young girls and moms alike. Ninomiya Kazunari Ninomiya is the last member of Arashi to make it to the list and he also is a Hollowood actor. That is what Japanese women picked, but what do you think? If you have to go out with a human in realty (meaning, excluding perfect guys in anime), would you date any of them from the list? If your favorite Japanese male celebrity didn't make the list, tell me about him, too!Higashiyama-sempai told me that after he said ‘thank you for treating me well’ to Aiba, Aiba replied 'Please take care of Sakurai too’. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the drama, it was that he made some educated guess as to who the suspect was when he was watching it, but he couldn’t figure out who the real culprit was until right at the end.


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