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Ekaterina Gordeeva: I was actually very surprised this year that they asked me to do the show.I mean, I'm around and I do several shows a year but when they asked me for the tour I was really excited about it. I've skated with Evan Lysacek, Ryan Bradley, Tanith Belbin, Ben Agosto and Joannie Rochette all on this tour before so it's very good to be back.In November of 1995, Gordeeva and Grinkov were in Lake Placid, New York, rehearsing for the upcoming tour when he suffered a deadly heart attack while on the ice.Gordeeva and Grinkov are to this day considered one of the very best pair teams of all time.MT: Is it hard for you to still return to Lake Placid for those tour rehearsals after losing Sergei there so many years ago?EG: It brings a lot of different memories and emotions back for me.In February of 1996, Gordeeva bravely returned to the ice, this time as a solo skater.Fans of the sport threw all of their support behind her and it really was like watching a flower open.

MT: Has the love of pair skating faded at all for you?We just did 4 ten hour days of crazy rehearsals in Lake Placid and I came back home and I needed like 3 days to recover.Usually I'd only need like half of a day but this time I needed more time to rest (laughing).Jeff Buttle choreographed all of the numbers for this year and he has put a lot of difficult steps and transitions in the numbers.Since we have three ice dance teams (Davis and White, Belbin and Agosto and The Kerrs) it made a lot of sense to include dance steps and moves from the regular dance world too.The opening number this year is by Gershwin and Jeff is so musical that on each beat of the music someone is always doing something. I fell in love with the song and it really suits me I think.


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