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When comparing the community of Deaf people with these groups, the commonalities are consistent between them all.

Those who view deafness as a disability -- known as a pathological perspective of deafness -- can be met with hostility by individuals in the Deaf community.

For example, hearing children of deaf adults (commonly called "CODAs") can experience full acceptance within the Deaf-World, a term some deaf Americans use to describe their social network.

Acceptance into this world may extend to anyone who appreciates the flow of communication within the group and upholds the values, history, mores, and dignity of deaf people.

Other people that are often accepted as full or partial members of Deaf culture are sign language interpreters, family members, and service professionals that help Deaf individuals.

Culture is expressed by the interrelated and interdependent characteristics, behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, values, mores, history, and, typically, language of a group.


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