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Demolishor stood guard while the other Decepticons searched the endless wastes of the Sahara desert for a new Mini-Con signal, and nearly blasted Cyclonus when he mistook him for an enemy combatant.

Actual enemies were soon to arrive in the form of the Autobots, but in the shoot-out that ensued, a subsidence caused Demolishor and the Autobots' human allies to disappear beneath the shifting sands.

While his leader was busy battling Optimus Prime, who had followed them there, Demolishor and Starscream took an interest in the nearby human children who had had been responsible for activating the beacon, but were prevented from grabbing them by the appearance of Autobot Red Alert and Hot Shot.

The Decepticons withdrew to their base of operations within the wreck of the Mini-Con spaceship on the moon to regroup, where Demolishor soon picked up the signals of two more Mini-Cons the children had activated.

The tables were soon turned, though, when the Decepticons experienced some downtime, and everyone began mocking Demolishor for how clumsy and useless he was outside of a combat situation.

About to slug Starscream for the insults, Demolishor only wound up proving everyone right when he tripped over Leader-1 and fell through the base wall.

When Starscream voiced his concerns that Scavenger might have went and joined the Autobots after deserting the Decepticons, Cyclonus and Demolishor pointed out that there was no evidence that the mercenary had actually switched sides.

Seeing him among the Autobot ranks changed Demolishor's mind.

Later, Demolishor stood guard when the Decepticons began tunnelling beneath a human highway for a Minicon, ordering Cyclonus into action when Blackout detecting the approaching Autobots.

Escaping even as the ruins collapsed around him, Demolishor activated the Mini-Con, Bonecrusher, and used its power to send the Autobots packing.

Unfortunately, Megatron forced him to give Bonecrusher up because he had "disobeyed" orders by abandoning his guard post.

With Hot Shot disarmed, Demolishor and Cyclonus gave him a brutal stomping and dumped his body back on Earth.

The Star Saber ended up in Starscream's hands, and he swaggered around the base with it, mocking Demolishor and trying to taunt him into fights he couldn't win.


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