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This equals 86 months, or 85 times longer than the one-time 30-day amnesty period of 1968.

ATF took more than 2 years to respond to this FOIA. For ATF's legal analysis of NFA documents containing "tax return" information, and the scope of information that may be released as well as withheld, click here.

The amnesty period from November 2, 1968, to December 1, 1968, was authorized under § 207(b) of the National Firearms Act of 1968, which is also known as Title II of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

It is sometimes confused with the amnesty provision at § 207(d), which authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to establish future amnesty periods not to exceed 90 days each, upon publication of his intention to do so in the Federal Register.

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This 21-page Memorandum identifies areas for potential legislative action, and critically examines ATF's reasons for opposing the establishment of a new amnesty period to correct errors in the NFRTR.No firearm may be registered by a person unlawfully in possession of the firearm except during an amnesty period established under section 207 of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (82 Stat. (c) A person shown as possessing firearms by the records maintained by the Director pursuant to the National Firearms Act (26 U. Under § 207(d) of the National Firearms Act of 1968 (Title II of the Gun Control Act of 1968) the Secretary of the Treasury was authorized to administrative establish unlimited numbers of future amnesty periods.There is nothing in the legislative history of this provision to offer guidance as to Congressional intent regarding the conditions under which a future amnesty period or periods may be established.This registry shall be known as the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record and shall include: (b) Each manufacturer, importer, and maker shall register each firearm he manufactures, imports, or makes in the manner prescribed by this part.Each firearm transferred shall be registered to the transferee by the transferor in the manner prescribed by this part. Chapter 53) in force on October 31, 1968, shall be considered to have registered the firearms in his possession which are disclosed by that record as being in his possession on October 31, 1968.The AOW transfer tax was proposed to be changed from to . So we are talking about 35 to 40 percent in the area of prosecutions under Haynes.


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