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A hall named after Ricardo Smith, son of an English immigrant to the colony.

His son, ancient now, bright blue eyes peering out of his wrinkled face, still lives there – but he doesn’t really know anything about his ancestors, he says. Rodrigo Wood invites me to lunch with his family, and sings me ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

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In February 1891, Queensland shearers, faced with pay cuts to their already meagre wages, walked off the job by the thousands.

For a few years, new colonists continued to trickle in to both communities from Australia and the UK, but the majority of settlers left, heading back to Australia or to farm work on Patagonian estancias.

If the colonists left Australia to avoid tyranny and inequality, it’s somewhat ironic that they ended up in Paraguay.

She was a feminist in another time, when you women didn’t have any rights at all,” he tells me.

“And my grandfather – well, he was an adventurer.” Did Roger inherit any of that? “Definitely.”Roger’s father León went on to become a renowned ethnologist.


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