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You'll come to appreciate what women are motivated by, how to recognise a strong woman and how to communicate with the opposite sex in a way that cultivates trust and nurtures connection.

You'll gain fascinating insights into what women want, and how to use this knowledge to get more of what you want from your most important relationships.

This certainly isn't the case and in this video, Kain explains why!

The Alpha Female's Guide to Understanding and Dating Men Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that many people enter a relationship in order to get something.

All of us who have relationships have struggled with communication.

It comes in friendships, family relationships, romantic relationships, and even work relationships.

They’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good.

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There are many principles required for cultivating a healthy relationship.When people are not aware of the answer to this question, it can become tough to figure out whether their relational practices are helping to build a relationship up, or unknowingly tear one down.In similarity to a house, strong relational connection needs a range of specific elements to erect its structure, or it can become unsafe, unhealthy, and vulnerable to disaster.With grounded psychologically based research, interesting examples, and easy-to-follow man tips, this course makes women far more accessible for those who are willing to put in some hard work.This Alpha Males Guide to Understanding Women comes accompanied with a full MP3 version of the course, which you can download and listen to when you're on the move, alongside a range of articles, workbooks and other actionable exercises.In this video, Kain introduces the course and discusses what we will investigate throughout this course.


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