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We know the villains are there for entertainment and ~drama~ purposes, so they probably won’t go all the way.

Laura has been set up in a really positive way, which is a good sign (for her) at this stage.

So we just get to date a be a normal couple for a while.

WHO: Matty, did you think at any point whilst giving Laura the ring that she may have thought it was an engagement ring? MATTY: When I reached into my pocket and I pulled out the ring I was very careful about the words that I used and I said 'can you please pass my your right hand'. WHO: I know you're just dating and it's still new, but is a real engagement on the cards for any time soon?

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LAURA: I don't think there's pressure to be successful." I think a few of my close friends had kind of put two and two together, but they'd not really actually knew for a fact that we were together. So it had been such a long time and this couldn't have come soon enough really.WHO: How many times did you get to see each other between filming the finale and watching it last night? WHO: You both live in Sydney, have you discussed moving in together?LAURA: Matty and I are both at a point in our lives where we wouldn't be together if we didn't see this working out long term.But the reality with the show is that when he told me that he was in love with me, just moments later he said goodbye to Elise.And you really want to have that clue and want to have a reason, you want to have that silver bullet moment that makes you understand why that person didn't fall in love with you.


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