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None of the sex-obsessed Brewer boys dreamt of probing beneath their bras to stroke their melon-like equipment. Better the perky if smaller conical offerings of one of the Doris Day lookalikes. Aunt said when males are in their teens their pricks have minds of their own! The quiet- and an urgent sexual promise- had insinuated itself into the moment. The shelf was crowded with neatly laid out envelopes marked Guelf Photos. It was nothing less than a close up of poor Jimmy's cock, worthy of a medical text. " What a humiliation, thought Gwendolwyn, a picture- crystal clear in its black and white precision- of his tight, low-slung ass. They each imagined their next encounter with Jimmy- at church, in school corridors, bringing his mother's dry cleaning to the store. There they hung in their glory, one lower than the other, in a capacious grizzled bag! The twins stared, eye swimming with unbridled lust. Gwendolwyn had to clutch the counter to steady herself. "I bet all the girls would like to.." Jessica nodded.

" The expression came right out of a 1920 Practical Medical Dictionary that Rodney's sister had found in their grandpop's attic. "Well, I think we should go to the next family day at the Y and see Rodney compete." His cousin let this hang in the air, staring brazenly at Rodney. A competition with Paul Revere High in Minneapolis- the fellas have to compete in swimsuits- so all the boys will need new ones, in the latest style and colors, up to date with the swimsuits at the last Olympics apparently. And there had been nothing to do but climb out with his bolt hard erection sticking out from his red curls and shuffle along in front of the women- his thing slapping his tummy as he walked- all the way to the board and climb up and stand there on display, cock reaching for the ceiling and showing off its under-belly, until after what seemed an hour the coach told him to dive. "It provides a fit form..we call..." Here she smiled in Rodney's direction. "...yes, a skirt was required by a 1917 regulation to cover a male's...features. Form-fitting construction." Mrs Ricketson giggled at Miss Newbold's mistake. Had he caught a glimpse of her that terrible night in the school baths when Coach Compton, stark naked himself, had opened the steel doors and admitted half a dozen ladies- oh god! As Miss Newbold rummaged for Jatzen and Catalina trunks Rodney became more convinced she had been there on at least one of those occasions. And know of his very low hanging testicles in a voluminous pouch. " Miss Newbold swooped on a light blue swimsuit and held it up. No, he was certain it had been that time at school- she had been with the group of ladies walking through the steel doors, standing there watching them practice, peering with her glasses sitting on the end of her long, somewhat pointed nose. The long nose, the glasses, the peering stare aimed right at the boys' groins. After all his buddies had made fun of it in the showers. It was square cut and would reach from belly button- even hide the belly button- down to the groin but leave every inch of the legs bared. "Those poor Guelf girls," lamented one local Brewer lady. Slyly that afternoon, in their apartment above the store, with its worn carpet and shabby blinds, Jessica asked their mother whether it had been busy in the store today. Yes, a lot of the moms...bringing in photos..some big sporting event." And her voice trailed off. She had been single for a year and was dating a big truck driver from Wisconsin. " And then pics of Samson in what the girls guessed was Mrs Carruther's back garden, naked as a savage, weeding her flower beds, pushing a lawn mower with cock flopping in his groin, hosing down a rose bush with his giant appendage upright and seen in profile and, outrageously, beaming at the camera and holding a half-aroused prick as he volleyed an arc of urine against the paling fence. Close to tears when posed with his grandmom and aunt and neighbour, his little member now stiff and pointing high- clearly an acute embarrassment."Both plain as pudding." Indeed their skin was pasty and their mousey hair hung limp. And aunt's and grandmom's too, and the lady next door! Gonna be some interesting additions to all those family albums..." And that was when English teacher Ada Braithwaite arrived and shushed girls to their places to start the lesson on Jane Austen's Emma, from a more elevated age when young women were not tainted with such unromantic instincts. Seems that drinks this evening had been arranged only that afternoon. She must have asked him to do it, the girls sensed, and she snapped the shutter as he did. Three photos of him posing back to camera, the two small mounds of his bottom muscled tightly together. " Rodney was moved to protest, even as he was captivated, his tummy on fire as he looked at the diminutive swimsuit daring in its tight, defiant smallness.


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