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In 1920, Yogananda (1893-1952) had no Paramhansa title, but was Swami Yogananda of the Giri branch. After a long voyage, the ship, The City of Sparta, docked at Pier 3, East Boston on September 19, 1920. In Unity House he got a visitor on Christmas Eve, 1920. In the Footsteps of Paramahansa Yogananda, Boston, 2011, passim] Dr Lewis visited Yogananda without any previous arrangement on Christmas Eve into Christmas Night, and had not told his wife Mildred where he went. Afterthought: "Beloved Dhirananda" later sued Yogananda for a substantial amount of money to get paid for good work for many years (!

Next day he was in the newspaper, the Boston Globe. Wanting to see Hidden Light he had read about in the Bible, he asked Yogananda insistently to show it to him, got his wish, and became a lifelong disciple of Yogananda from Christmas Night on. ) There is more about these grievous happenings further down the page.

A guru marked by false claims court, how little is it fit to trust him about other weighty things?On January 24, 1927, President Calvin Coolidge received him at the White House.In 1929, Yogananda published Whispers from Eternity, and Swami Dhirananda, lecturer and writer in the Yogoda Satsanga from 1922 to April 1929, fought him in a lawsuit to get payment for his hard work. D., got 4,200 dollars to clear Yogananda's debt (there was a Promissory Note of ,000 that Yogananda had not paid till then), a debt made public though a costy lawsuit marred by .From the description of the initiation, it looks like a lot, and maybe it left the Rocicrucian, Dr Lewis, with no idea that he had become a founding member of a fellowship he had not heard of late on Christmas Eve and into Christmas Night 1920. The Lewises occupied the second floor." Yogananda "stayed here frequently, and for some time had a room on the third floor at the back of the house." (In the Footsteps, 2011:9) He stayed with them in this way for about three years (1920-23) Yogananda's American fellowship, was it founded when the Rosicrucian Minott Lewis was taught to see inner Light on Christmas Eve into Christmas Night in 1920? It would seem other people became disciples of Yogananda only , including Mrs. Two swamis and boyhood friends fell out for some reasons.Public records from Boston in 1920 of a Yogananda fellowship established there that year, seem missing. It was followed up by false Yogananda claims during the 1935 suit.To some, though, an organisation's dating matters, and not only historians.


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