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And then he came and kiss my forehead and asked me how's my leg doing as my sprained my ankle the night before.

And I heard what he said but was too tired and sleepy to answer.

Shame on the Chinese.*Beware, nasty words will be used in this post as I fcuking hate my Uncle for ruining my past.. That jerk came down for a vacation because he had a quarrel with his wife(my INNOCENT aunt). Thanks to my parents who decided to put them in my room.

But as I promise, this blog is about my sex life, so I'm gonna reveal how I was molested and almost raped by my UNCLE! He was at my house with his youngest son which is my little cousin brother who has no idea that his dad was a moron to harass his elder cousin sister.. Thinking that he's my uncle and no harm done, i wore a dress pajamas to sleep(those kiddo ones)..

While he was lifting up my dress, I could feel his finger on my nipple playing with it softly until it is fully harden, then he moved on to the other nipple and did the same thing.. And when both were hards he started rubbing them against his palm softly and gently..

And i can feel my nipples are moving round and round and the feel is so nice.. As I still have my dress on he slide one of his hand inside and started fondling my breast...while his other hand were still playing with my hard nipples with the dress on.pinch my nipples slowly.feeling it between his fingers...

He then suck the other nipple and push my breast together and rub his face on my huge tits.Registering your business is easy and straightforward.You can register online, using the link below, or over the telephone.Then he started lifting my dress up, inch by inch..i usually wear boxers when im sleeping rather than panties..I could sense that he was peeping my little pussy through the boxer.Keep your customers coming back with our continually updated product line of fashion and game items that are just what the Japanophile wants.


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