Updating virus protection files

We can expect new versions of this royal virus attacking computer users, so it’s impossible to protect your personal files and make data backups.

As vehicles continue to become smarter, it’s crucial that we take the correct steps to make them cyber secure.

If Princess Locker malware has encrypted your files, please, do not waste your money by paying the ransom.

This would only fuel up criminals’ efforts and allow them to continue their activities.

However, researchers managed to crack ransomware’s code and offered a free data recovery solution. The virus provides traditional ransomware instructions – the victim needs to install Tor browser and access a particular .onion website, which is known as “the payment site.” Now this is where things get suspicious.

Therefore, if your files have been affected, you should remove Princess Locker from the computer and restore your files! The payment website seems to be a copy of Cerber’s payment website, just with the “Princess” logo on it.


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