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They don't reject their lovers' bodies, and they don't see viewing as cheating or a sign of relationship dissatisfaction." Do Men in Relationships Have a Right to Masturbate? The vast majority of men were masturbating enthusiastically and frequently long before they met their spouses.

They believe that once men say, ‘I do,' they should no longer want to masturbate.

But as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with otherwise well-adjusted men casually consuming porn while masturbating. Either way it still takes two to tango, pretty sure nature has it balanced, despite religious regulation.

I think it depends on what kind of porn a man watches.

That's naïve." "Men like porn," says Palo Alto sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph. "because it appeals to their fantasies of unlimited sex without responsibility.

But women feel threatened because they fear men think they're fat and ugly." "The men I counsel have no desire to toss their partners aside for women in pornography," says Bloomfield Hills, Michigan sex therapist Denny Sugrue, Ph. "But they like porn for fantasy while masturbating.


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