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For those unfamiliar with the video, Brandon is actually the founder of Seeking Arrangement, a popular sugar baby-daddy dating website that connects wealthy older men with younger girls.It works like a typical dating site, men share their net worth to attract women.“I have this fundamental belief that if you want to start a business, [you have to] try to solve your own problem because that’s [when] you are most passionate about the issue.It’s your problem, [so you’ll have] the most chance of success,” he said in an interview with Next Shark.But this gap was what spurred the conversion of a need to a business opportunity.“The idea came when I was a teenager in Singapore, because back then I was very shy and I didn’t have a girlfriend,” he said in a video interview with Vice. He wanted to be successful and financially capable so that dating would become easier for him.Despite being a member of the Toastmaster’s Club back in Singapore, which aims to help members improve their public speaking skills, Brandon was still very tongue-tied around girls.He had been delivering public speeches since the age of 12, but he simply couldn’t pluck up the courage to talk to girls. So for a man who acquired his wealth through dating websites, it’s kind of ironic to know that he was an amateur in the dating game himself.

It was controversial to say the least, and reactions to it were mostly critical, with majority slamming the idea of a sugar daddy dating website and how it’s promoting materialism.And regardless of what you think about this dating concept, it remains a fact that Brandon has successfully made a living out of building a sugar daddy dating empire.In fact, its revenue is in excess of million annually, according to Shift.Upon graduation in 1995, Brandon moved to New York City to work for a management consulting firm, before joining General Electric Power Systems, where he managed the IT infrastructure.After leaving GE and failing to start a business that specialised in targeted Internet ads, he decided to try his hand at dating websites.He won multiple science fairs and math olympiads throughout his school years, and considered himself a nerd.


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