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I received a response about an hour later stating that she did not get on the app very much but that if I gave her my number she would text me. I receive a text about 2 hours after I sent my number with a picture of a girl holding a dog saying that her name is Jess.

She asked for my name and age, which I found weird since I mentioned my name on my initial app message and age was on my profile.

[UPDATED 12/11/17, including new voice messages and this scam targeting a guy on Craigslist.] On June 21, 2017 we posted the another victim's story of this scam.

There appear to be two separate criminals responsible for the majority of these scams.

We now believe that one of them lives in Texas and the other is in South Carolina.

From Craigslist." As soon as we started talking she asks me to send her a contact picture.

I send one, and I ask the same of her; she sends me one.


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