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"Going back into where my head was at – it's really bonkers." The stacks of paper – which include handwritten lyrics on hotel stationery, instructions for the use of an inhaler ("Try very hard not to panic") and drawings of airplanes, helicopters, cars, escalators and other modes of transport – reveal the innermost thoughts of a 27-year-old who was beginning to crack after living on a tour bus for four years in a row. "The claustrophobia – just having no sense of reality at all."To most listeners, lyrics about nasty car accidents, airplane crashes, paranoid androids and alien abductions, not to mention a sinister-sounding robot declaring that man was little more than "a pig in a cage on antibiotics," tapped into a general sense of unease about the oncoming 21st century – and the frightening, exponentially accelerating rate of technological innovations, as beepers became cellphones and computers became vessels for news and pornography....

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